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General Information - Montpellier "Grand Bal Ecossais"

Our "Welcome Desk" opens at 15h00, the ball begins 16h00, on the Saturday.

The ball is held in the C.R.E.P.S. a gymnasium inside a sports education complex, roughly one kilometer northwest from the old centre of Montpellier. (See map reference A2 of the pocket map provided by the Tourist Office).

The entrance is at 2 avenue Charles Flahault, close to Stade Philippides (a large sports ground) ; street parking is normally available outside.
The nearest tramway stop at "Stade Philippides" is about 500 meters away, but bus no 7 passes much nearer CREPS (the bus-stop is named "La Pile").  Both tram and bus can be taken from the railway station in the town centre.
For those arriving directly from the motorway (A9).... come off at the airport exit ("Montpellier Est." - exit no 29) and drive towards the town centre. After crossing the river Lez (about 2,5 km from the A9) one can then use the map to find CREPS.

Hotels :
See list below.

Montpellier is well supplied with hotel accommodation but due to the fact that the tourist season has already started by June, it is advisable to book as much as possible in advance.

In general, hotels in or near Montpellier divide into three types, namely,

a) budget hotels mostly chains such as Formule 1, 1ère Classe, Campanile, L'Etape, Nuit d'Hotel, Village Hotel, etc, suitable for short stays, but generally a little outside of town, often close to the motorway (A9) or near the airport, and thus necessitating a car.
b) a range of family hotels inside and around the city, at all price/comfort levels.
c) chain hotels, mainly the various 'brands' of Accor (eg. Ibis, Mercure and Sofitel)

To book a hotel, use the telephone numbers as shown in the Tourist Map provided with your ticket and ball program, or use the list overleaf, or consult the relevant website, particularly for types a) and c).
Prices are generally by room, not by person, but breakfast is normally an extra charge per person. Prices tend to be about 30-45 euros for the budget hotels, slightly higher for the hotels inside Montpellier and from 60 up to 100 for the various Accor hotels.

If you have specific questions contact us


Formule économique pour 1, 2 ou 3 personnes  room rates apprx  30+ euros:
All these hotels are close to the autoroute, thus one needs a car.

HÔTEL 1ere CLASSE    33-467 581 080    Montpellier-sud (Lattes)

FORMULE 1            33-467 589 898    Montpellier-sud (Lattes)

NUIT d'HÔTEL        33-467 474 646    Saint-Jean-de-Vedas

VILLAGE-HÔTEL        33-467 479 250    Saint-Jean-de-Vedas

Hôtels **NN dans le centre de Montpellier  room rates approx 40+ euros:
These hotels are within 500m of CREPS
HÔTEL ABELIA        33-467 031 777    70 route de Lodève

HÔTEL des ACACIAS    33-467 635 595    39 ave Buisson -Bertrand

HÔTEL des ARCEAUX    33-467 920 303    33 boulevard des Arceaux

Autres hôtels
Chain hotels
HÔTEL NOVOTEL        90+ euros    33-499 523 434    125 ave de Palavas
HÔTEL le GUILHEM***    82+ euros    33-467 529 090    18 rue Jean-Jaques-Rousseau
HÔTEL IBIS Sud        60+ euros    33-467 588 230    164 ave de Palavas
HÔTEL IBIS Centre        65+ euros    33-467 640 664    95 place Vauban
HÔTEL IBIS Comédie    70+ euros    33-499 132 999    Le Triangle

HÔTEL STARS        45 euros    33-467 925 234    route de Palavas, Lattes

AUBERGE de JEUNESSE    13 euros    33-467 603 222    rue des Écoles Laïques

Hotels near to CREPS (mention that they have been recommended to you by CREPS)
Les Fauvettes        8 rue Bonnard                23-37 euros    0467 631 760
Acapulco        445 rue Auguste Broussonnet        30-55 euros    0467 541 221
Hospitalet St Charles    241 ave Auguste Broussonnet        35+euros    0467 753 768

Les prix sont à vérifier directement avec l'hôtel concerné. Le petit-déjeuner est en plus.
Check prices with the hotel. Room rates do not include breakfast.

***** consultez le site pour les plans de Montpellier et le positionnement de votre hôtel, avant de décider finalement!
***** check the location of your hotel by using the site before making a final decision.

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