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General Information - Montpellier "Grand Bal Ecossais"

Our "Welcome Desk" opens at 14h30, the ball begins 16h00, on the Saturday.

The ball is held in the C.R.E.P.S. a gymnasium inside a sports education complex, roughly one kilometer northwest from the old town centre of Montpellier.
The Satnav address : CREPS, 2 avenue Charles Flahault, 34000 Montpellier.

The entrance is at 2 avenue Charles Flahault, close to Stade Philippides (a large sports ground) ; street parking is normally available outside.
The nearest tramway stop at "Stade Philippides" is about 500 meters walk : line n°1, direction la Mosson. The tram can  be taken rue de Maguelone near the "Saint Roch" railway station in the town centre.
Bus n°7 (direction Hôtel du Département) passes much nearer CREPS (the bus-stop is named "La Pile"). It can be taken from rue Pagézy near the Saint Roch railway station.
For those arriving directly from the motorway (A709).... come off at Montpellier Est (exit no 29) and drive towards the town centre. After about 2.5 kms, crossing the river Lez follow the signs for Millau.
After about 3.4 kms skirt the athletics stadium, keeping it on your right.
The entrance is on your right very soon after entering the avenue Charles Flahaut. Street parking is normally available outside but if the entrance gate is open, you will find parking inside the grounds.

For accommodation the tourist office is a useful source of information : htpps://
You can also type "Montpellier hotels" into the search bar of Google Maps.
Dancers who arrive by public transport usually choose a hotel within walking distance of CREPS.
Those within 1 000 meters are :
- Hôtel Acapulco (350 meters),
- Hôtel Hospitalet St Charles (550 meters),
- Hôtel Les Fauvettes (600 meters)
- Hôtel du Parc (990 meters).

Prices are generally by room, not by person, but breakfast is normally an extra charge per person.

If you have specific questions contact us

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